Dau Dayal Mahila (P.G.) College, Firozabad

(College with Potential for Excellence under the UGC Act with B++ Accreditation by NAAC)


DDMPG College has been assessed and accredited by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council, Banglore, (an autonomous body of the University Grants Commission) and awarded ”B+” grade.


Dr. (Mrs) Unmeet Arora Principal
English Department
Dr. (Mrs) Unmeet Arora Principal, Head of Department
Dr. (Mrs) Jyoti Agrawal Lecturer
Dr. Kanchan Jain Lecturer
Dr. Mudita Agrawal  
Home Science Department
Dr. (Mrs) Rajani Bansal H.O.D.
Dr. Saraswati Lecturer
Dr. Rajani Bansal Head of Deptt.
Dr. Anju Sharma Lecturer
Drawing Department
Dr. (Mrs) Vatsala Head of Department/Reader
Dr. (Mrs) Vineeta Yadav Reader
Political Science Department
Dr. (Mrs) Ambarvati Kaushik Head of Department/Reader
Music Department
Dr. (Mrs) Roma Chatterji Head of Department/Reader
Dr. Vani Kaushik Lecturer
Ms. Yogita Saraswat Lecturer
Mr. Rishi  
Hindi Department
Dr. (Mrs) Vimla Singh Head of Department/Reader
Dr. (Mrs) Renu Singh Lecturer
Dr. (Mrs) Madhavi Singh Lecturer
Dr. Anju Goyal Lecturer
Mrs. Garima Singh Lecturer
Dr. Namrta Nishchal Tripathi Lecturer
Sanskrit Department
Dr. (Mrs) Indrarani Gupta Head of Department/Reader
Psychology Department
Dr. (Sushri) Nisha Agrawal Head of Department/Reader
Dr. (Mrs) Ranjna Kumari Lecturer
Mrs. Shalini Chauhan Lecturer
Economics Department
Lt. Dr. (Mrs) Preeti Agrawal Head of Department/Reader
Education Department
Dr. (Mrs) Vinita Gupta Head of Department/Reader
Sociology Department
Dr. (Mrs) Premlata Head of Department/Reader
ECCE Department
Dr. (Mrs) Nootan Rajpal Head of Department/Reader
Computer Department
Mrs. Shweta Agrawal Head of Department
Physical Education & Games
Mrs. Sandhya Chaturvedi Trainer
National Service Scheme Officer
Dr. Premlata (First Unit) Head of Education Department
Dr. Ranjna Kumari (Second Unit) Head of Drawing Department
National Cadet Core Officer
Lt. Dr. (Mrs) Preeti Agrawal Economics Department
B.Ed Teaching Staff
Dr. Rajshree Lecturer
Dr. Sasmita Sarangi Lecturer
Dr. Anita Sharma Lecturer
Dr. Ritu Narang Lecturer
Ms. Sunanda Jati Lecturer
Mr. Alok Kumar Pandey Lecturer
Dr. Prabha Kumari Lecturer
Dr. Ritu Narang Director
Mr. Umesh T. Bagade Lecturer
Dr. Sweta Agrawal Lecturer
Mr. Anil Kumar Shukla Lecturer
Mr. Pankaj Kumar Mishra Lecturer
Ms. Sandhya Chaturvedi Lecturer
Ms. Anjana Agrawal Lecturer
Mr. Vijay Pratap Singh Lecturer
Mr. Binesh Kumar Parashar Lecturer
Mr. Yashpal Lecturer
Mr. Amit Kaushik Lecturer
Mr. Deepak Dharamvanshi Lecturer
Ms. Gunjan Agrawal Lecturer
Smt. Seema Devi Lecturer
Dr. Swati Jain Lecturer
Ansham Tiwari Lecturer
Smt. Sandhya Chaturvedi   Lecture
Smt. Nidhi Rajoriya   Lecture
Smt. Mamta Agrawal Lecturer
Ms. Aparana Pathak Lecturer
Ms. Manjula Pachauri Lecturer
Ms. Rakhi Bhardwaj Lecturer
Ms. Nitul Sharma   Lecture
Smt. Sandhya Chaturvedi   Lecture